Enjoy life in Crete

It is the simple things that shape Cretan culture and create a destination like no other you have ever experienced before. The snippets of everyday life, the Cretan filoxenia, and cultural treasures, the traditional kafeneia and stunning beaches, make this a unique place for every season or time of year.

The largest island in the country, Crete is a mixture of raw beauty, powerful ethos, legends, Greek mythology and bravery. Crete is the island of King Minos and is dotted with incredible landmarks and monuments that tell the story of each era. Under Venetian occupation for more than 400 years, it carries the wounds of its past within the fortified walls and winding cobbled streets still present in the major centres of Chania, Heraklion and Rethymno. Its historical past is surpassed only by the diversity of its natural landscape.

High, rugged peaks frame the scenery and dominate the central region, forming bountiful plains, narrow gorges, and natural harbours where we meet coastal villages and ancient ruins.

With a subtropical and moderate climate, it is an ideal choice for off-season escapes as the temperatures remain high and the wintertime is perfect for urban exploration and active holidays in nature.

With so many things to see in the region of Chania, this is the perfect location to base yourself in for your holidays. Get lost in the 14th-century old harbour, the cobbled streets and beautiful alleyways, visit the ceramic shops and top-rated restaurants and experience breathtaking beaches and sites of immense cultural importance. As you stroll towards the Egyptian lighthouse, with fragrant jasmine trees framing the streets, you catch a glimpse of the Crete that once was, and the layers currently present. The knife district, or “mahairadika” where the practice is still practised by the remaining few, and the old tanneries, known as “Tambakaria” in the area of Halepa, are just a few pockets that highlight a multicultural past.

The Municipal Market of Chania in the centre of the city is a magnificent building dating back to the beginning of the 20th century that will excite all your senses, and introduce you to local flavours. Afterwards, you can walk towards the Botanical Gardens, built under Ottoman rule to offer residents a green escape. This once popular promenade route, for the unmarried women of high society, will take you all the way to the courthouse where we find Eleftherias Square.

Life in Crete is meant to be enjoyed. From the food to entertainment and the summer siesta in your balcony as the characteristic song of the cicadas serenades you.

“Arriving in Crete is like returning to a place you once knew. Casa Scordili offers an intimate and luxurious setting that will capture your heart and soul and allow you to experience the beauty of the Cretan spirit. “